What Is A Hickey? – How Long Does a Hickey Last?

What is a hickey (hickies)? When love becomes speedy, things overcome the desired and the night gets darker with warm atmosphere fired by the lovers.

Kissing is possibly the most familiar activity that couples do to reveal and show their love for one another.

Because love gets more and more sensual, it is nearly impossible to know that the skin is being dragged as bites form bruises and reddish marks frequently known as a hickey. 

Yes, we are talking about the love bite, or passionate bite or hickey. By reading this article, you will know the ins and out about the question, “What is a hickey” and some other related facts.

how long do hickeys last

What does hickey mean?

Today one of the most frequent search terms on Google is “what's a hickey”. A hickey is an unofficial phrase refereeing to a bruise.

According to the medical report, when enough suction is used to a particular area of skin, mostly around the inside of the elbows or neck, the areas of the skin which are rich in small blood vessels or capillaries, it causes the vessels to break and as a result, blood begins dripping out of them in small amounts.

The blood gets clotted in the adjacent areas and cause edema, or swelling of the skin. The blood doesn’t have a vent to be free of the accumulation from the body, and as a consequence, the skin swells up.

Most frequently, the area of the skin around the bruise looks black or even dark blue if the dripping is acute. This is how a hickey is formed.

Why is it called a Hickey?

It seems like a bit hard to reply why it is called a hickey? Because the accurate source of the word hickey is unknown. Also, it is not written in any real source.

Even if some sources explain that the phrase Hickey was used first by the Americans in the early twentieth (20th) century (around 1905 to 1910).

Another source claims that it has likely be started from the phrase Doohickey. Well, that has a meaning. Doohickey is another word for an unnamed thing or unfamiliar sound.

So it is assumed that the word hickey might be evolved from this word or phrase. Even if there is a genuine source of this declare either. In any case, it is, however, Hickey is an exact noun used until this day.

What are the Symptoms of Hickies:

Every problem or disorder has signs or symptoms to identify the condition. Hickies are not different from the others. There are some symptoms given below:

  • It appears fast as a red mark and turns into a bluish purple. The deep sensual colors spots on the affected skin are the sign of aggressive lovemaking.
  • It is a kind of hematoma blood clot
  • It looks painful, but ultimately this sign of lovers is painless
  • One might also get paralyzed because of unanticipated damage
  • It disappears within a few weeks but to get rid of this Hickey early you need to follow some essential remedies.

How is Hickey & love bite different (Hickey vs. love bite)?

You must have met up with these terms, love bite and Hickey, at some point in our life. If you’ve, then you must have surprised how they both be different from.

Well, for beginners let us say that both of them are almost the same. Often it is called that love bites are more passionate and sensual one compared to a Hickey due to the marks it leaves.

There are also many opinions out there where people said that hickey and love bite is the same things. The only difference between hickey and love bite is that “Hickey is an American word” and “love bite is an English word.”

However, a love bite is expressed to be more significant & easily noticeable. Another way both of them can be expressed as gestures of passion & occurs mainly when the couples get wild and intimate.

How Long Do Hickeys Last ?

It seems to be a significant concern that comes to your mind is, “How Long Does a Hickey Last ”? Well, don’t be excited because hickies are not a permanent mark.

It disappears in time and doesn’t cause any damage behind. It appears or lasts on your skin for 5 – 12 days, if untreated. Often, they may look some time due to:


Some hickeys are so acute that it takes a longer time to cure. The time varies to fade away this mark or spot due to the damage occurs in blood vessels of your skin.

Personal Health

Sometimes how long it stays on your skin depends on your health. Hickey will disappear faster if you are even healthier.

How you can make a hickey last longer and why?

Some people try to hide their hickeys either because it is not thought very good looking to have them exhibiting. Or they are worried about being too easy. But what if you are someone who demands to have your love bites with pride?

What if you are someone who feels careless about what people consider of you and want to make the passionate bites last longer?

Perhaps you want to let your friends know to be proud that you got laid or to make your friends a little jealous.

Moreover, if you are women, you might be concerning of uncovering your passionate marks for all to see.

Because your belief that it might keep you away from irritations and proposals and boys also thinks about you that you are already engaged.

That is why people want to make their hickeys last longer. Well, they are a kind of bruise, so they are going to cure and remove like any other spots on the skin. You can allow a try to following concepts.

  • You can make a passionate bite last longer if your sweetheart gives you a deep kiss around the same spot of your skin to make the real hickey location look larger. 
  • Another trick is to take different shades of eyeliner and draw an outline around the hickey. Then color it in. You should repeat this technique frequently as the eyeliner will possibly be erased. 

What is the best place to give a hickey?

So what is the best area to give a hickey on the body? Well, the answer relies entirely on the conditions. If it is a one night stay, then go wild. Go home or go hard.

Go for the collar or Neck, somewhere perceivable. If you are going to have a one night stay and dance with the mighty guilt, then you may also go hard and be as pleased as you can be.

If anyone only wants to have fun and enjoy then I would suggest them to go somewhere sensible.

Most Common Places Where a Man Would Love Have Hickeys

According to the dermatologists and medical journals, “most people love to receive hickeys on 4 special places on the body. These are including chest, neck, inner thighs and around the navel.“


Make fun of him a little by rubbing the skin around his nipple. Give him a gentle kiss and finally put a hickey on the selected area.

The chest is not just a passionate area but also one of the most accessible areas to turn him on.

The hickey looks smart on the chest than any other place of your body as it is easier to break the blood vessels in the flesh areas of the body. 


Hickeys are known as a spot of passion for being left by you on your mate or sweetheart. You mainly break the blood vessels as a consequence of kissing and sucking hard and biting slowly when you give someone a hickey.

You can put a hickey in any part of the body except the areas with bone. It is good to select a portion of the body which has flesh. The neck is proven to be one of the most passionate spots for both women and men.

Inner Thighs

The inner thighs also bear a lot of sensitivity as like as the neck. It becomes the most passionate area for men to get hickeys and expertise pleasure. 

Around the navel

Many people would like to receive hickeys around the navel. Nevertheless, if you are not sure, you can ask them if they feel comfortable and then go ahead with the action.

How correctly does a hickey show up?

So what's a hickey? Well, you can believe that the hickey is a sign of possession. There is also another saying about the hickey is that it is a love gift.

Nevertheless, people give the hickey in many cases would like to be observable, and then makes it to the neck where it can be seen easily.

Hickeys can also be placed around the foot as well. Nevertheless, no one can find this, and there is no actual reason to make it there.

Another reason that describes why the neck seems like the most suitable part of hickey makers is that the skin on the neck is very fleshy and the hickeys show up with minimum action.

Things You Should Never Do to a Hickey

Pot it

You should never pop the hickeys as like you shouldn’t pop a pimple on the skin. You may get some information throughout the internet advising you to pop the hickey.

Also, they possibly warned you that it might hurt you like crazy. But you should never try to do that. A hickey is a broken blood vessel under the skin.

They break from all of the kissing and sucking so applying more pressure on the selected area of your skin will make things miserable. Undoubtedly it would not heal your capillaries.

Pick It

You should also keep away from picking a hickey as it is terrible as popping. Indeed, it could even lead to many different problems as well.

Moreover, there is nothing really to pick at as the injury is accomplished under the skin. You are not going to continue breaking until you meet up broken capillaries as that would result is an open bruise and much more trouble.

Keep it closely bandaged

I surveyed too many people and found that they think a bandage can cover hickeys. But you need to ensure that you don’t put anything on it that covers the area with the hickey.

The healing process of hickey involves the blood flow again so anything too hard could inhibit it. That implies your hickey will take too much time to cure.

Touch it with dirty hands

Hickeys can be cured by using things like a cube of ice on them. But the significant thing is that you should keep your hands clean. It is not a good idea to touch your hickey after eating a taco.

Ensure that you are washing your hands before touching and inhibit the chance of spreading any germs to the spot.

Use any dirty tools

You should keep away from using any dirty tools. There are a few people suggest using a cold spoon on the hickey or healing it with a toothbrush.

The spoon is useful to remove swelling while slowly brushing bruising the hickey with toothbrush increases blood flow.

It doesn’t matter what you do; you need to ensure that your tools are sterilized before using them on the hickey area.

Use skin bleaching creams on it

You should not use any skin bleaching creams on the skin with a hickey. The skin bleaching creams are questionable to start with treating the surface compared to natural remedies.

So you should keep away from using these in any areas of your body. Moreover, skin lightener would not have enough effect as the dark bruise is under the skin.

Things about “hickey meaning” that you sure did not know

Hickeys are Bruises

Although it will take enough effort to get a hickey than injuring your knee, passionate bites are just bruises. The kissing and sucking causes breaking of the veins and blood start to drip, thus making an injury.

Typically, the harder you kiss and suck one’s skin, the worse the bruise is. Nevertheless, not all people similarly respond to hickeys.

It is easier to get hickeys on particular body parts

Even if, you can get a love bite about anywhere, some areas of your body are more inclined to them. For instance, it is comparatively easy to get a hickey on your chest, lips, inner thighs and neck.

Why? Well, it is because the skin on these spots is susceptible and thin without enormous tissue support for veins. So, tiny blood vessels break merely in these places and cause a dark spot that we call a hickey.

People with iron deficiencies get hickeys faster

It is already mentioned above that all the people do not reply to hickeys in the same way. Skin reveals hickeys quite quickly in some people, while in others that is not the incident.

For example, people with iron deficiencies get hickeys quite faster than people with normal iron levels. It is because lack of iron is connected to bruising easily.

If that is the reason with you, excess intake of iron-rich food can stop them from looking so fast.

Hickeys can teach a lot about your body

Perhaps you might not think that hickey can teach you a lot about your body. The truth is that the hickeys we get are more complicated than we consider.

The color of the passionate mark relies on how fast the body breaks down the blood. Your body needs to reabsorb the blood that dripped from your veins for the bruise to remove.

The change in the bruise color shows the way the body breaks down a protein molecule, hemoglobin in red blood cells (RBC).

Hickeys can spread the oral herpes virus

If your mate has oral herpes and he gives you a hickey while their cold sore is in the active period, you can have the virus as well.

The same goes if you have oral herpes and you give someone a hickey. It is unnecessary to notice that people with oral herpes prevalence should not do any sexual performances.

Hickey causes a Scar

Even if it is rare for a hickey to leave the scar, it is possible. The formation of an injury (scar) depends on the condition of your skin and the severity of the hickey.

Also, you can have a scar from hickey if you pick on it always. You just leave it to remove naturally or by itself. You can read this news!


We come to the end of our guide “what is a hickey.” Hickeys can be fun & sensual, and usually are not painful for the receiver nevertheless; often they may not be wanted.

It can be inappropriate and embarrassing in professional, social, and family environments. Even if always you can hide a hickey, that is not comfortable, and they need a few days to remove.

Before placing a passionate mark, it is essential to discover if your sweetheart is ok with getting one.

Do you like this read? If so, leave a comment below and let us understand what you consider. Never wait to click inform and share others“what does hickey mean”.

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