How To Give A Hickey

Do you want to show the whole world that your sweetheart only belongs to you? For starters, you could show this to at least anyone who comes across your friend - with a hickey.

Hickey stings occur when intense sucking or biting breaks down the blood vessels under the skin. But how to give a hickey to a girl or a guy?

Giving your loving one a hickey or love bite in the bed can feel surprisingly energetic, and also energetically impress him as yours. It can feel extraordinary to get a hickey, as well - in the event that does.

Yes, it is, and I’m not kidding! If you do not know how to give a hickey, go ahead and read this entire post until the last dot.

Who can give Hickeys boy or girl?

So the question is who can give hickeys (boy or girl)? It is almost the same to the question who can kiss? Well, hickey is not girls or boys only thought.

Anyone can experience this hickey just like a kiss. It is often described as the way how you can show your love to your loving one or sweetheart.

Some people explain hickey as a guy thing only. But it is not right! Girls can also give a hickey better than a guy as they can bear the pain of biting for a long time.


Why Do Lovers Give A Hickey?

Suck and bite. You can use the entire mouth to suck the area of your partner instead of using your lips. If your partner or sweetheart is feeling okay with this, now bite a little bit.

Yes, I’m talking about love bite. But now I explain why do lovers give a hickey? Well, according to my own study and experience I found some points that influence lovers to give a love bite. Let’s share these points below:

  • Lovers give a hickey as a sign or symbol to show off their love or passion for their partner. 
  • It makes a healthy relationship between the lover and his partner.
  • Hickey keeps the relationship alive by removing the aggressive mode.
  • Lovers find giving a hickey as a very hot & sexy symbol/sign.
  • They would indeed be delighted to receive it as it refreshes their body and soul.
  • It is a passion to show what an extreme time he/she had last night or day.
  • Having a love bite shows off their friends that they are in relationships & enjoying it.

Note: Always it is smart to give a hickey to your beloved on areas that are not visible to everyone. This will helps you to avoid the unwanted situation in your love period.

Even hickeys are not bad, but they can draw unwanted attention at work, college or family meetings. If you can’t describe it and it shames you ask your lovers to give it at an intimate area of your body.

Why do people give hickeys?

Even if anyone can give a hickey, but traditionally it is a younger person’s activity. Hickeys have individual views on giving & receiving them. You will find those who consider it is sexy, and some who see it is a hot brand.

One of the common reasons that guys leave a love bite to let others know they have someone.

Here is a saying of a young person, “if I under any circumstances find a girl with one it shows me she is rubbish, I would never devalue my partner like that.”

  • Hickeys can be about lack of confidence. Having a hickey or giving another person a hickey means you are not a loser. 
  • There are some boys or girls in high school are so precarious and want the reputation as a lover that they give themselves hickeys. They manage some type of suction on their neck and feel proud to have this as a badge of honor.
  • A Hickey seems to be a sign of love & affection. It can be very mighty and has various effects on a different person.
  • Guys often leave love bites because, indeed, they want you personally into the bedroom. They draw their attention and let them know they demand to mate. It may not be aimed for this motive, but in the heat of the moment having it “on” is indeed what a Hickey implies.
  • There are some Boys and girls only love to have passionate marks as it is sexy and powerfully enchanting.
  • Hickeys are a beautiful gesture to many guys and girls. Some guys or girls like to have bites to show they are desired.
  • Some want to have love bites to show others that she is assumed & dating with him.

Note: However, a gentle girl or guy will not give a hickey unless their sweetheart says or asks harder when you are kissing his or her neck. The most efficient belief is giving a love bite in a place where she can see it all the time.

Where to give Hickey?

I surveyed people and found that most of them want to give hickeys on neck as they are subtle & visible. In my own experience, it is also effortless to put hickeys on the sensitive neck as well.

However, you can give it in any parts of the body. But it should not be the area with bone-like fingers or elbow etc.

Passionate marks look more quickly on the sensitive area of your body like belly, thighs, cheeks, lips, nose, and neck, etc. But is right to ask your sweetheart about the place where he or she wants to have it.

Of course, you could give a love bite on someone’s upper inner thigh, but unless they were wearing a swimwear, nobody could see it. You might also draw a smiley face with your lovers.

Why do we give or receive a hickey?

In my opinion, a hickey is usually regarded as a sign of deep love, pride, position, and tryst. Often it is performed in the height & intensity of emotion, out of a comprehensive and thorough desire for other people.

Giving someone a hickey or love bite is considered as marking your area, letting know the world that this person is all yours.

Is giving and receiving Hickey safe?

So is giving and receiving hickey safe? Well, you are not possibly going to do something that leads to you a difficulty afterward.

Therefore it is better to know the side effects of love bites or hickeys before you are going to know how to give it.

Giving or receiving a hickey doesn’t have any side effects other than it leave a mark on your skin surface for a few days.

You will find lots of rumors that hickey can give you cancer, AIDS or STD while there is no evidence has been filed of these diseases happened because of a passionate bite.

It is not right to have these diseases through hickeys as well. It would be true if I say that hickey is safer than a French kiss (mouth to mouth kiss) that cause STD.

If you can give and receive a hickey in the right way, it doesn’t cause any damage even bleeding. 

Understand The Science Behind how to give good hickies

A hickey occurs when the blood has been sucked to the surface of your skin, and the blood capillaries have been disrupted. There are a few of us get hickeys easily, relying on the area and the pigment of their skin.

Nowadays you will find someone as ghost like, and for that reason, I would like a have a hickey in just three seconds.

Steps By Step Procedure on how to give a good hickey

Most often people do not get it right. Always they have a sense of doubt that how they give a hickey.

Actually, you don’t have any special skills or know any particular technique to give a passionate bite. Giving a hickey is almost the same as sucking or kissing very compactly.

The only difference is that you will kiss or suck until it leaves a hickey. But there are some guidelines to make it better and comfortable.

You can give your girlfriend (GF) or boyfriend (BF) a hickey with these following proven steps:

Steps 1 (Preparing your partner)

This is the first step on how to give a hickey to a guy. You need to take the action of preparing your partner. You can start by praising your partner. Then begin an interactive discussion and talk if your loving one is shy or nervous.

There are many other tricks that you can apply such as you can talk about some dirty-talks, romantic prep-talks, or many other different discussions that are possible to take a loving turn.

Steps 2 (Ask for permission from your partner)

This is the second most important tips on how do you give a hickey. Every person might not love to have a hickey as like many other things.

There are some people don’t want to have a hickey because of some reasons such as they never want that someone knows about their passionate bite.

It could be uncomfortable in different conditions such as in case you are not clear about your relationship; you are a student (school going person) etc.

That is why many people don’t want to show their eagerness to have a love mark though they desire to have one.

So ensure, never surprise your sweetheart by giving her a love bite or hickey without her permission. First of all always asks for his opinion and ensure that your lover is informed about a hickey and its pain in some cases.

Steps 3 (building attention)

Building attention is one of the most significant tricks on how do you give someone a hickey. It is not wise to start giving a love bite without drawing attention.

At first, start with some soft and smooth play like massage, kissing, French kissing, etc., at all your sweetheart loves most to have.

This assists you both to get prepared for it, and you will know if your partner is willing to have hickey or not.

Usually, foreplay is known for sex, but the aim for foreplay is to draw attention. Before you start giving a lobe bite to your partner you need to make consideration.

You can start by massaging and kissing your partner etc. This way you can make attention which makes your passionate bite more comfortable and enjoyable.

Note: If you try to give your partner a love bite without much arousal, you may ruin the mood.

Steps 4 (Choose your location)

Kissing on right place

So you make the attention by kissing and Foreplay or soft play. Now it is your time to select the area where you would like to give a hickey. It could be on the lips, nose, necks, etc as we discussed above.

If your sweetheart doesn’t like to have a hickey in a commonplace as people can see, then choosing the places or areas like butt and thighs are a good option.

You can tell your lover for the advice on how to give a love bite as well. Once you select the area for a hickey, then start kissing there gradually for a few seconds.

Then make your kissing a little harder. You just make your sweetheart prepared for this.

Avoid anywhere that might be uncomfortable

You should not give the hickey in the area where your partner feels uncomfortable. Always avoid giving the love bite that makes your partner painful.

Steps 5 (Use your tongue kiss aggressively)

Now you start kissing harder, tightly and aggressively if you found that your partner is enjoying your kissing by her crying. If you want to lubricate the area, you can use your tongue.

Now you need to know that while placing a love bite, it is relevant to understand that your teeth are not engaged. Also, you must keep control of your excess spit and don’t leave it on the neck of your partner.

  • Gently suck on the selected area for 20 to 30 minutes which is enough for the capillaries on the skin to break and in this way, look the hickey sign. 
  • Now use the entire mouth to suck the area instead of using your lips only. If your partner is okay with this, then bite a little bit. But how long does it take to give a hickey? Well you can suck your sweetheart for two to three (2 to 3) minutes and during sucking keep kissing and use your tongue to cheer your lover.
  • You will see the love marks if you have sucked enough. You can also put a little hard bite than before if it doesn’t appear. Sometimes you can have a hickey with just a few seconds. Do not disappoint! Try again with more pressure if you do not see any hickey. However, if you want to show your friends, you can make a fake hickey as well. 

Steps 6 (Wait a few minutes for the visible hickey to look)

You would not be able to see the hickey instantly. You can see this within five to ten (5 to 10) minutes and could be everywhere from dark purple to light pink. 

Steps 7 (Make It Darker)

You should repeat the method of getting love bite once more if you want it darker at the same area.

Perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend experiences that it is not a better option to have a hickey as he or she might have to deal with colleagues, friends, and families.

Note: The love bite is the same as bruises or marks. It takes a few minutes for the mark to look. It could be anywhere from light pink to dark pink.

Steps 8 (Stop if you're requested to)

It could be that your girlfriend figures out she is cool with getting a hickey, but she hates the way that it experiences while you are doing it. Or your boyfriend thinks he can not risk his parents finding this mark.

It is essential to show respect the wishes of your partner if they say no, though you have already started the method. Sometimes a hickey is found as a sign of trust, so misuse that trust is not right.

So these are the steps you can follow which can help you to find out the way on how to give someone a hickey. Apply these tips and let your partner enjoy the bites. 

Best Tips about how to leave a hickey

There are some tips seem like a little apparent to those who are more experienced hickey givers, but for a beginner, these tips will them to suck like a professional.

  • You should not kiss your lovers with cracked and Swollen lips. It seems to be a massive turning for many, and it takes away from the pleasant feelings that should be perceived.
  • You should put a love bite with confidence. Lack of confidence can keep you away from giving a successful hickey. 
  • Never be sloppy. It is possibly a massive turning to leave plenty of saliva running down the skin, so while you are suckling, if you are a slobberer, try to make it clean.
  • Before doing the real thing on your partner practice on your arm first. This is a better way to find what senses good and what doesn’t if you are not sure about your strategy.
  • Combine it up a little going from massaging with your tongue, gently biting and tight suckling. This all relies on your mate and what they find pleasurable.
  • Never put a hickey or love bite where it can be visible to others and your partner may face some problems for this.

When giving someone a hickey

Keep in mind that this kind of close kissing can leave to lovemaking, mainly thinking about you are in a private area. Know accurately at what point you should stop, if your purpose is to just give a love bite on your mate.

You can go through caressing and kissing and enjoy the rest of the time if you do not mind an intimate lovemaking period. You will enjoy a lovely moment if you can complete your mission in the process.

Note: Actually there is no particular time frame in giving a hickey. It’s all about the satisfaction and refreshment of one’s body and mind.

The environment also plays a significant role in making the perfect timing for making a love bite to each other.

But you should never try to give a hickey in that time when your partner is in off mode, and the surroundings are also noisy.

What if I do not like to have a hickey or love bite on me or do not want to give a hickey?

In truth, I know many people who do not like hickeys and would never like to receive or give one as well. It is intentionally causing a mate pain and trouble, and physically injuring them.

Why would you ever wish to do that to someone you worried about? It is almost as like as you hit them with your hand and then respecting the bruise you left.

It is your right that you personally do not like to receive or give a hickey. Do not create pressure on anyone to do something you feel enjoyable with.

Always a real partner or sweetheart value your feelings, and would not make any pressure to do that you don’t want.

Note: Giving and receiving a love bite is an issue which depends upon you and your partner. So if any one of them does not want to give or receive a hickey, it stops there to leave a love mark. It is not a matter of force.

Hickey downsides

Even if giving or receiving a hickey can be great fun, you will find some problems related to getting a hickey.

It is mentioned earlier that hickeys are not dangerous or permanent; they fade away within a week or two.

Since a hickey or love bite is a wound, it lasts as long as a wound would. Let’s see some downsides of hickeys below:

They can be embarrassing

Getting a love bite on the neck is like having a mark saying just had some sexual escapade a short time ago. You will find times when you would not mind declaring that you have only had sex.

If you feel pleased of the person you desired with, you will possibly want to show off the point by showing your hickey. Your friends want to know the overall facts of your night.

But also you will find times you never want people giving you the look of dissatisfaction. Perhaps your parents decide to have a short visit to you, and you feel uneasy about what you did last night.

In that case it is really quite embarrassing too. Your workplace is another wrong place to show your hickeys as well.

Covering them can be annoying

Covering your love marks can be a little annoying. Always you need wear a scarf around your neck. You can hide a hickey with the cover-up.

If you use primer at first, it works best. Then you can apply the yellow-based cover and a green cover. Now you need to use foundation and blend it as you cannot mark it.

You can also hide the hickey by wearing a collared shirt or turtleneck sweater. Besides, there are plenty of methods out there to reduce the look of a hickey which might help you as well.

They can leave a scar

Even if most people would not be spoiled for life from a hickey, but some people do involve with a tiny scar. This looks to occur to guys who are immaculate skin who got a hickey that involved biting.

Hickeys are incomplete

A love bite is mainly noticed on high school kids. If you are aged than that, it might seem a little too incomplete for you to be playing one. People may look at you with wonder and think when you will grow up.

Though giving hickey is a fun activity, but it has some disadvantages as well. So you should not give a hickey too frequently.

How to cure a hickey?

A hickey is a bruise. When your body is cured, hickey will remove or disappear like any other dark patch. Some people get healed fast of a hickey. On the other hand, some people may get cured for a longer process.

Well, everything depends upon one’s physical condition. Only using warm or cold water cannot remove the hickey.

You may take some extra care to accelerate the process of getting cured of a hickey. You may take some vitamins or eating healthy foods as your body recovers quickly from a hickey.

How do I give a hickey to a boy

The same way you leave a hickey for a girl. Let’s see how to give a hickey to a boy:

  • Step one: kiss the particular area of his body that you would like 
  • Step two: Suck his skin as hard as possible. Rub your tongue over his skin surface to make it passionate. 

Note: if he asks you to stop, then stop. Always follow if he has any problems to have hickey before going for this.

How to give a girl a hickey?

At first, the good hickeys are the ones that are not put on the neck. So give a girl a hickey near her cleavage. It is the hottest area for placing a love bit on a girl.

  • Now you suck with lips only (no teeth). 
  • Until you can’t breathe either never just keep sucking it
  • Suck and come up for air
  • Keep repeating to get a better result
  • Hopefully, she will get a nice hickey

How to give yourself a hickey

So it is interesting to hear that how do you leave a hickey on your own body? Is it really possible? Well, let’s share a story one of my bosom friends.

In my college life, I had a friend who told us that “he had given himself a hickey.” We asked him how it is possible. So he explained to us how he did it?

  • He placed his mouth on the selected area of his body and formed an open “O” shape by his lips. 
  • Then he sucked his own skin as harder as possible
  • He continued sucking for about 30 seconds until he achieved the desired level of redness
  • After passing some days, the hickey started off as deep reddish color.

You can visit this link to learn more in details about the process.

Final words

Now that you become knowledgeable about how to give a hickey and some tips to keep in mind before you go wild. Always you should be aware that you can keep your teeth in control while you are going to make a hickey.

You never want to start like a passionate lover and finish up as a Dracula do you? If thirty (30) seconds of sucking makes you weird, then try some kissing and sucking once again for ten (10) seconds at the same area of your body.

Remember that saliva can prove to be a moistener for your play of feeling & passion. So you need to be careful about spit of your mouth.

Leaving behind saliva on the neck or inner thigh of your partner may ruin her mood and your passion mark.

So thanks for reading this article. I hope now you clearly understand how to make a hickey. So don’t make any late. Surprise and make your partner happy with your skills about giving a love bite right now.

Anyway, don’t late to share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

Joinal Abden

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